Tuesday, 20 June 2017

LSD Day 8

Well this is boring!!! There is not much I can tell you about today really.  I'm still weeing for the olympics and I am gonna win a gold medal.  I haven't felt queasy today either.

Tooth(less) is better today so lets hope things are looking up.

I dunno about you but were you ever paranoid about getting sick?  I am totally!!  I am turning into a hypochondriac.  I mean the weather has been evil, so it could all be heat related this morning I woke up with a sore throat and I was like ooooohhhh nooooooooo..  Anyhooo it wore off throughout the day.  MEH!!! Maybe I am just paranoid.

Listen to this though 2 weeks and 6 days.. OMG!! it's coming up really fast.  I am still plugging away with the milk so no probs there.  I'm feeling better each day but not my old self.  Mentally I am feeling really good about myself though.  I am feeling determined and that my friends has never been me ever...

So my mindset has changed for the better and I am feeling more positive.  Maybe because I feel like there is a light in my tunnel.

Sweet Dreams Friends xxx

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