Saturday, 8 July 2017

Not many days to go

OHHHHHHHH!! I am wibbly at the moment.  But lucky for me I have so much to do..  Which is good.  It's keeping me super busy and I love it..

Almost 4 weeks in and I've lost a grand total of 20lbs.  Not bad I thought I might only lose around 10lbs.  So bonus all the way.  I've felt a little bit techy of late and this stage of my jur - hur- knee I am near breaking point.  However, saying that I am really pleased with myself.  Yesterday there was a B-B-Q at work, everything you can imagine, big fat cream cakes <insert drooling here>  Guess what I did?   I just turned my back and waddled down to my office, where I proceeded to open the fridge take out my lettuce, tomato and chicken salad, with no dressings and wept softly as I munched away..  HAHAHA!  But you know what, I benefited from all of that by the weight loss.

But seriously my mindset has really changed.  Before I would eat with my emotions now I feel like I have hope.  I still need to work on chewing slowly and hope that come in stages.  So another week in and completed.  I am really proud of myself.

I did my Facts & Figures today also - There is no noticeable signs in the picture but everything else has reduced.

See you later alligators xx

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