Wednesday, 21 June 2017

LSD Day 9

It feels like a lifetime since I have been on the LSD.  I don't find myself wavering yet.  I think this is because of my tooth and I went to the dentist today only to find out I have dry socket.  The dentist packed it and the packing fell out leaving me all swollen and throbbing.  I am totally sick of it to be honest.

On a positive note - it is actually taking my mind off of the LSD..  I am trying to find the positive always and this is it.  I am hoping that it heals somewhat before my surgery in 3 weeks.  Worrying much?  Oh yeah!  My anxiety levels are going through the roof and I am struggling to keep Mr D away.

Lets hope that tomorrow when I go to the dentist they can do something.  I will sit there until they do lol!!

Keep happy friends x

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