Sunday, 18 June 2017

LSD Day 6

ooo oooo oooo disco infernoooooo.  Wasn't it hawwwwwwt today?  OH MY Goodness I did think I was going to melt in to a puddle.  No such luck lol!!

So today's news.  I went to my cousins for a lil celebration and she did burgers and sausages a wonderful spread, you know alfresco...  I do not know how I did get through but I did.  I love burgers and sausages.  I really wanted one or two and all the buffet and cake.  NOT a morsel went past these lips.  I think that was the hardest challenge I had this week..  PAT PAT on the back..

Still in pain with the mouth - more like a huge mouth ulcer now - so not too bad..

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