Saturday, 17 June 2017

LSD Day 5

Happy Saturday everyone.  Wow!! It's hot here in the UK today.  I think I might take my bum down to the beach, read a book or just chill.  Anyhoo!!  I just wanted to tell my news.. I have been on the LSD since Tuesday.   Sunday is my normal weigh in day but I couldn't wait a moment longer.  I know, impatient, Right! I weighed in today 8lbs lighter. I am in shock absolute shock. I had to jump on and off a few times. My BMI has gone from 55 to 54.4. How Amazing is that??  

I am not struggling at the moment, however I do think that is more due to the tooth extraction. The pain and queasy feeling is still there.  Admittedly not as bad.  I think my body has hit hit ketosis stage and my breath is toxic, which I did say about yesterday. 

It's given me a boost to continue. I've also invested in some refillable ice pop molds so I am going to be making those with no added sugar drinkypoo's.  Mainly to keep this breath under control.  Oh Dear!! It's no wonder I am single even the dog turned her nose up at me this morning... HAHAHAHA!!

Be Well one and all xxx

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