Friday, 16 June 2017

Day 4 LSD

Good Grief, they said that day 4 is tricky.  Today I have felt a lot better with my tooth extraction, it is not as swollen as it has been over the last few days.  The pain is subsiding and so I have not been taking so many pain killers.  I still feel a little queasy but nothing like it was before.  There is a brill thing!!!

So what kind of symptoms am I having?  Today I felt tired around about 3pm. which is quite normal for me.  I have had a few light headed moments but nothing to bad.  I have found myself looking for the right word, which is normal seen as I can forget what I am saying mid sentence lol!!!  The breath of death has come.  That come through the night, I woke up twice for the toilet and both times I had to clean my teeth before I gassed myself.    It's toxic, and I have a terrible taste in my mouth.  I've been chewing gum like a cow to keep my mouth fresh.  I'm now on a full milk diet and it's much better for me.  I can stomach the milk and yogurt with out dry heaving.  I am still peeing like a leaky hose, well you would be wouldn't you when drinking 1800ml milk + the 2ltrs of no added sugar squash.  The yogurt and jelly are also helping out with the water works.  I am hoping it does slow down.  Today I had to leave a class and go to the toilet before there was an accident.  Lucky that the loo was right next door.  However, despite the tinkling I do feel bloated.

I am finding that the WLS forum is really helping me and also the Bariatric Cookery site.  It is going so fast I can remember saying in march July is ages away and now I am like oooooo 3 and a bit weeks.  It's getting closer and obviously I am getting jittery.  I think any surgery would make you jittery.  Although this has been recommended by the specialists it was still my decision ant the end of the day.  I referred my self privately.  I know that in 4 weeks time it will be all over and all the nerves will have gone and I will find my self something else to worry about.

Over and out xx

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