Sunday, 11 June 2017

My Procedure

Hello friends.

Today I uploaded my very first vlog over at youtube.  My Channel is called errrr Bunny Food & Bird Seed.  I will be adding a link in the side bar for my channel so that you can keep up to date with my goings on.  As with the blog I usually will post over the weekends.

I'm going to share which kind of Bariatric Surgery I am having and hopefully be able to add a little video in to explain.

The name of the surgery is Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass.  This kind of bypass is commonly used for people who have a BMI of over 40.  Considering mine is 55, it was the most suited to me.  When I spoke to my surgeon, he did go over the different types of surgery.  Mr Richardson was very forthcoming yet not harsh enough to upset me.  He told me the truth about each of the suitable surgeries for me and how it would be effective and have a lasting impact.  We talked in length about having a Gastric Sleeve - in reality he said that I would probably end up having the bypass anyway.  After a lot of thought I finally come to terms with it.  Which was hard considering I was determined NOT to have a bypass.

 Now for those who are thinking that WLS is a big cheat or a cope out or being lazy.  This is absolutely not true.  It's a tool to help you get to a goal, the same as if I were to be having heart bypass.  It's a tool to help.  As I said in my vlog it's nothing to do with the overeating, there is more going on underneath it all.

As you can see it is definitely something that I never dived into as a quick fix.  It is a super serious operation.  I could die, I might not make it off the table.  I am telling you this so you can understand that like me and many other people who take this risk,   we are usually at the end of a road.  The seriousness of this operation is definitely something to think about before you get all excited and go off getting the surgery.  Mentally you have to be prepared for many, many changes not only to your body, but your eating habits.  There is no point in going for the WLS and still going to try and eat how you did, You will kill yourself.  It is all about getting your head around things.  Learning to embrace change and wanting that change.

There are lots of reasons for me; it's not having to do all them mind-numbing diets again.  Going off to pointless classes, wasting money on gimmicks and things that say 'watch the weight melt off'  for me it will be a lifestyle.  It's about me resetting my mind, almost like being reborn.  I want a positive relationship with food and I need to learn about myself.  Learning to still enjoy life but in smaller quantities, learning that I don't have to go with out in order to succeed.  Not having to feel guilt when I eat. I rarely enjoy meals or any food.  I think after years of abusing it, its now has become tasteless.  So there you have it.

I hope that this post has been a little inspiration to you.  Please if you are considering WLS then take the time to research and speak to as many people as you can.  Before making your decision as it is not reversible. 

See you on the flip side :)

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