Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Day 2 LSD

OH EM GEEE!!! I'm gonna puke.  So yesterday I was feeling queasy allllll day.  it started to subside around about 9 pm last night.  I got up today feeling a little queasy but nothing like yesterday.  I thought yesterday I only managed 2 shakes because of the quease, so I am going to have the tesco shakes.  OH!!! It's vile, friends.  I mean, I taste everything in there.  Even though I whizzed it up in the blender, it still states very powdery.  I can also taste the stinking vitamins too.  CRIKEY!!!  I put the ice in after as I didn't want a thick shake yet far I have managed a few mouthfuls.  It's leaving a very chemically taste in my mouth.  Like an artificial sweetener taste.  I tend not to have the artificial sweetener for that very reason, the after taste.  Anyhooo, I will try the strawberry flavour later and I will get through this.  I think I will be sticking to the Asda's meal replacements.  They actually do taste nice.  I tried both the strawberry and vanilla and I thought I might even try the chocolate.

See you on the flip side ..

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