Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Choosing My Package.

Hello friends.  I thought I would tell you about how I started on my journey to choose a surgeon and company to help me with my Weight Loss Surgery.

If any of you know me then you know I take for ever to make a choice and then once my mind is made up I commit.  The joys of being a Libra - looking at both sides always.

I knew I wanted to choose from three companies.  I did not want to delve in to who is cheaper than who.  What I searched for is who is going to care for me the most.  Who is going to offer me the best packages for aftercare.  I searched relentlessly online, back and forth from site to site.  I made a few telephone calls.  I joined the WLS forum and scanned over the forums before I decided to  join in.  I was on youtube, I read articles.  So in preparation and I don't think that we are really ever prepared, I did a lot of paper research before I started to reach out and ask questions.  I never went to my own Doctor as past negative experiences I made a choice and did it my way * Bursts into song*

I picked my three companies

  • The Hospital Group - Mr M Richardson - Spire Parkway.  Solihull
  • Ramsey Health  -  Mr N V Jayanthi - Springfield Hospital.  Chelmsford
  • Spire Health - Mr Mannur - Hartswood Hospital. Brentwood
I whittled it down to these choices.  I had been researching over a month or so, going back and forth between hospitals.  Below is a brief summary of pro's and con's.

The Hospital Group - Mr M Richardson - Spire Parkway.  Solihull

  • Very nice clinic
  • Very professional
  • Clean and modern
  • Reception area welcoming
  • Staff very happy to help
  • Consultant spent time explaining pro's and con's of the operation
  • Consultant spent time answering any questions
  • Consultant was very honest about my health and weight
  • Patient Adviser, professional yet explained on a level I understood
  • Lots of time spent going over all the pro's and con's
  • Not pressured in to making a decision on the spot
  • Given lots of information to mull over in my own time
  • Given contact number for any further advice
  • Free consultation, with no obligation
  • Felt like I was the only patient they ever had
  • Nearest clinic is in London
  • Surgery to take place in Solihull
Ramsey Health  -  Mr N V Jayanthi - Springfield Hospital.  Chelmsford

  • Nearest clinic Essex
  • Surgery Essex
  • Consultant spent time explaining pro's and con's of the operation
  • Consultant spent time answering any questions
  • Consultant was very honest about my health and weight
  • Clinic also dealt with NHS Patients
  • Felt like a Sheep
  • No personal care
  • £200 consultation fee
  • No written information
  • Appointment - I was 40 minutes late - they couldn't even find me on the system because the secretary never booked me in.
  • Consultant focused more on the fact I might spring a leak or even die
  • Consultant wanted me to go back for another consultation (£200)
  • NHS Nurses were busy and forgot I was there
  • Rushed appointment
  • For any information I had to call the secretary.
  • Questioned if he could deal with someone my size as I felt like he was continually covering his arse.
I got to this point before I even went in to see the consultant I had decided I am not going with Ramsey and decided to go with the Hospital Group.  Maybe it was a bit rash but it felt right for me and after much thought I called Rachel.  I am lucky I can go private and have a choice, if I were going NHS then I would have no choice.

So I am super happy with The Hospital Group.  Rachel the Patient Adviser has been my little angel.  Any questions she is there answering for me. I call or email and she is answering as soon as she can.  Yes I am a paying patient and yes for the money I am handing over I should be treated like a queen.  But still regardless of all that I actually feel fabulous and comfortable and relaxed.  I liked Mr Richardson, I love Rachel and you know the whole experience for me was professional from the initial telephone call and even now.

Waiting on the Dietitian to call tomorrow - will have more news to share.

See you on the flip side xx

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