Saturday, 27 May 2017

This is it

Hello all how are you?   Welcome to my new bloglet.  I hope that through my journey, trials and tribulations you will be able to find some positive inspiration, so you too can go forth and be a happy, healthy, beautiful you.

Do you like my title?  Its a bit tongue in cheek.  You know how it goes, you spend years dieting feeling like what you are eating would barely keep a bird alive and it's no wonder one can't keep it up.  I am that one.

So this blog is totally dedicated to my journey.  I will be travelling back in time and also forward, but mostly the present.  I do hope to get some video diaries in too.

But for now you have to put up with my appalling spelling and grammar.

I decided to document my journey and I call it a journey because I have no idea where I am going, but I know I want to travel forward.  I decided to document my journey because when I researching all my different options for Bariatric Surgery there was hundreds in the US but hardly any in the UK.  So here I am...

In this blog I will not be all flowers and unicorns, there are going to be a few weeds and wart hogs my friends.  This is about ME and MY journey.  There will be all kinds going on..  I'm guessing??

I would love to hear your comments and thoughts but please remember that I am human and I do have feelings, so if you are about to write something ugly then it's probably going to impact somehow on my journey.  Saying that don't dress it all up, all I am asking is that you think about what you are saying and how what you say may have a lasting impact.

Let's do this .......

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